SCADA network manager

control your network

R-Win SCADA Network Manager allows seamless Real Time Communication between any PLC or legacy infrastructure and any sensor or IIoT technologies, without hardware or software changes to the existing SCADA.

The world has changed and our clients manage more data each day and are looking to implement new solutions to the existing SCADA. They are looking for costs savings.
But you are tied. You are tied to your system integrator or solution vendor. Don’t touch it if it works, right?
R-Win is the only truly flexible solution in the market for SCADA network upgrades. R-Win came to life out of necessity and our experience in the field.

We do not believe that a solution needs to tie the client to just one vendor or solution provider.
We believe that the network is yours and yours only.

We do not believe that you need to sacrifice performance or capabilities because they do not match your network requirements, or because you don’t have the budget. You need to control your network!

Why R-Win?


Backward Compatibility
R-Win SCADA Network Manager is the only one in the market that can seamlessly connect to any previous generation PLCs or field devices, as long as they use standard protocols. We guarantee full backward compatibility with any legacy system for simple interoperability


Reduced Total Cost Of Ownership
We only charge a one-time payment per device and do not tie you to a monthly subscription fee R-Win is simple to use and simple to pay for


Vendor Agnostic
R-Win allows you to mix and match system components. Connect any new field device, any sensor or any technology to your existing SCADA without any changes to your SCADA or PLC code:

  • Connect R-Win to any sensor or any field device
  • Connect R-Win to your PLC or control center
  • Start working!



Scalable Solution
R-Win gives you full control over your capital expenditure. We do not require you to change the entire system or make changes to your existing SCADA or network architecture. R-Win is a scalable solution that allows gradual installation:

  • Choose just one remote site, or any other point in your network
  • Connect R-Win to any PLC or any field device
  • Connect R-Win on the receiving side (either another site or the control center)
  • Start working!

Add as many R-Win as you need without any burden on your CapEx.


Improved Communication

  • No External Server
    What if your cloud fails, or you lost communication to your server or control center?
  • Parallel connection
    R-Win’s TWIN technology is the only one in the market that allows direct real time communication between sites for the highest system resiliency
  • Multi Spectrum
    R-Win is the only solution in the market that allows flexible multi spectrum connection from any site to any site. Use Satellite, Cellular (2G, 3G or 4G LTE) and Radio communication anywhere in your network

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